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About Zadewa Kami adalah sekumpulan profesional yang memberikan informasi, tips dan serunya serta betapa menyenangkannya menjadi gamer. Dewasa ini profesi game tidak dapat dipandang sebelah mata, di luar negeri dan kami yakin di Indonesia, profesi game akan menjadi lahan yang paling banyak diminati. – game community indonesia – bermimpi untuk menjadi Game Portal Terbaik di Indonesia dan sebagai sarana untuk bagi para anggotanya untuk berbagi dan menjadi profesional gamer sesungguhnya! Zadewa always try to create community or guild and open relationship for all gamer from Around the Globe in every game we play, so feel free to join by Contacting Us or meet in game are the community gamers in Jakarta, Indonesia who dream to own a website that every members can share their knowledge and tips in gaming with the vision to be number #1 game community Indonesia , they also need a site that capable to create different guild in different games, in web communication among its members, level and ranked members so every people on it eager to contribute, events report on meetup, etc

So we create website that capable to fulfill every needs. Start from the looks on frontpage and most of the page, we produce the Pinterest looks, so every visitors enjoyed to browse or search what they desired. We also brought the login member, so they might to post the contents they desired, and reward them with ranking and badges so the community able to control theirs.  There also the Guild channel, member who got certain rank an points can create guild, manage and invite the members, broadcast and posting among theme without the outsider see their posting. Besides that we provide category which is make the visitor stay longer on their visit, connect their social media so every post able to see on their facebook, twitter or instagram.

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Zadewa is community gamer who need a website to express their passion in gaming

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  • Micro Blog
  • Power of Visualization

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